P.S. You Rock My World

This week there were two important days that really struck my heart strings. So rather than write my usual blog post full of hilarious and witty observations on my ridiculous and fabulous life today, I thought I would take a moment and share some things with you all. Because you all do really rock my world.

As faithful readers will know, I have personally suffered from depression and tried to take my life when I was at my worst. You can read about it on my post Don’t Ask For More as well as the follow up post on my blog. Depression is something I have conquered and worked very hard on battling over the past 4 years with medical assistance as well as help from family and friends. But most importantly, through the determination, strength and courage I found within the girl I thought was broken beyond repair. Although I do worry sometimes about my vulnerability to depression as it is not something that simply goes away forever, it is no longer a dark cloud that engulfs me daily. I’m the strange, bubbly, kooky, honest, crazy person now because of my journey and as difficult as it was, I wouldn’t actually change a thing or take any of it back. I’m proud of who I am.

Some of you will know that depression and suicide has touched my life in other ways. My little sister also suffered from depression following the death of our mother, something she is continuing to battle and finding her way through her own journey. I’m so pleased with the continued progress she makes and as hard as it has been to watch her struggle with a disease I am all to familiar with, I have been amazed to see her grow and flourish into a beautiful young woman who is gaining more and more confidence in herself.

Almost one year ago my brother’s girlfriend took her own life a few weeks shy of her 21st birthday. I have experienced so many different emotions regarding this, some I’m not too proud of. Following her death I rushed back to my psychologist as a preventative method just in case this was the moment that sent me spiralling back down again. It wasn’t, but I now know I am much better equipped to deal with any shitty things life throws at me. It was at this time my relationship was breaking down and I had no one to talk to about it, as my family were focused on my brother and I couldn’t bear to admit to my friends that I was miserable rather than ‘in love’. I threw my energy into caring for my brother, moving him in to the house I shared with my then boyfriend. I see how her suicide affects my brother every day and it hurts me to see him in constant pain.

Depression and suicide is a topic I am passionate about raising awareness about, reducing the stigma surrounding it and making sure I tell my story just in case it helps someone. This is why this week is particularly special to me.

Tuesday 10th September was World Suicide Prevention Day – raising awareness and providing resources for those struggling with depression or suicide and their families.

Thursday 12th September was R U OK? Day – a day designed to encourage people to regularly and meaningfully ask “Are you okay?” to support those who may be struggling with life.

I would encourage everyone to click on the links to those websites as there are some really useful tools. I also found this very moving and inspiring TED talk that actually brought me to tears – and I can be a tough cookie to crack! After you watch the video, here’s a really interesting Q & A with the speaker Kevin Breel from the TED Blog.


So today I am sending extra special much love to everyone. And if anyone ever wants to talk with me about my experiences or my journey I am always here with an ear, some advice or even just a hug (virtual or real life).

Much Love D x



  1. Daile, thank you for this. As someone who had no personal experience with depression until very recently, I now understand both how terrifyingly fast it can take over a life, and also how vital it is to break down any stigma around it. It simply can’t be handled alone, so people can’t be made to feel afraid to talk about it. These are great resources, and you are a great person, and really I’m just glad to (virtually) know you. Kooky is beautiful.

    1. Thank you Jennie

      My hope is that the more people feel ok about talking about it, the more people WILL talk about it. And not feel so alone when they are trying to battle depression or suicidal thoughts.

      When I first started writing about my experiences and sharing my battle so many people were shocked and surprised that the person they knew and loved, used to be the girl I wrote so honestly about. And that made me incredibly humbled to break down some of the stigma of what a depressed person looks like, acts like or sounds like.

      And I will continue to be open and honest about my experiences in the hope it does some good for someone.

      Thank you for reading and commenting – and yes, Kooky is beautiful!


  2. I’m glad to (virtually) know you too Daile. You seriously rock! Your posts really touch me and I find you super inspiring. You’ve been through such a lot, and I know it has been/is a process but you’re so sincere and honest and raw and you have such a way of putting things into writing that whilst I know you help someone, I’m also sure you help many. Thank you again, you really are an amazing girl! x

    1. Gina – you are a shining light. Always such lovely words, I do appreciate it. My writing tends to be more about getting all the thoughts swirling around in my head out and I’m glad that people not only appreciate what I have to say but that they are able to take something from it.

      Much love to you xx

  3. Thank you Daile. I have had experiences with mental illness myself and with people close to me. The stigma is something that we need to break down. People don’t talk about it, and they should. Sending virtual huge your way. Your strength is inspiring.

      1. Thank you Steph, for your huge hugs especially! And as for inspiring? That’s such a lovely compliment, I hope I can inspire someone and continue help to break down the stigma and barriers associated with mental illness.

  4. You know this is something close to my heart, Daile. It makes me happy to know you’re doing well after all the trouble you’ve endured and I hope you know that if you ever need a friendly ear I’m just an IM away.

    1. Ditto back to you TwinDaddy. I do know this is a topic close to your heart and you are a fellow advocator of starting the conversation around mental health and suicide prevention. Which is awesome. Just like you.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story and being willing to “be there”. Promoting mental health awareness and resources has always been important to me, as an advocate and a patient, but seeing my son’s struggles and hearing about my friends’ stories have made me more determined than ever to help whatever way I can.

    I love the R U OK Day message :-)

    1. It’s a good message as long as it’s used regularly and meaningfully. Because the awareness needs to be there for more than just one day a year. The fact that my Twitter and Facebook was filled with statuses and photos for R U OK? Day was good because every campaign like this continues to raise conciousness.

      I’m aware of some of your experiences with mental health and suicide so I know you are right there with me when it comes to having a passion for the subject :)

  6. Reblogged this on Stuphblog and commented:
    Daile is one of many bloggers I’ve met over the last year who has dealt with depression and suicide, both topics that are near and dear to my heart. Please read her story and her awareness message. Also, show her some love. She is a beautiful person trying to make a difference.

  7. Daile,

    You’re sort of a fucktard, but I love you to pieces for being you. Keep it up. Depression can hit anybody and it can sort of sneak up on a person pretty quickly. I used to drown my problems and the shit I saw at work in beer after beer, but that got to be unhealthy. Now a good run and the ability to talk about shit that I’d never have talked about in the past does the trick for me. Hope you’re well and stay that way. You’re a charming young woman and we need you to spread your word to others for inspiration. Continued good luck my friend and BOLLOCKS to depression and suicide.


    1. Don – I would not let many people call me a fucktard in public. So you should feel very special.

      And don’t give me any bollocks about you going on a ‘good run’ – we both know you are full of shit.

      (pssst. love you too Don. thank you)


  8. I didn’t know about “R U OK” Day, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. And I owe thanks to Twindaddy for reblogging this so I had a chance to stop by and read your post.
    Keep fighting the good fight against depression.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! (and TwinDaddy for bringing you here – he rocks)

      I think R U OK? Day may be an Australian thing? But it is getting a lot of traction here which makes me so happy!

    1. Thanks Molly, I now have the strength to share my story and hopefully that helps someone, whether it be to understand depression or mental illness or someone who may be facing their own battle.

      You rock too! x

  9. I also have depression – it seems to be everywhere. I am so glad you have managed to stay with us. It is a struggle, but worth it. I feel for those who believe they have no support system as I do. I hope they find some way to reach out.

    1. Alice, I’m glad you have a great support system. I know depression is something that ultimately the individual has to battle but it is essential to make sure we let others help.

      Some people are either too afraid to ask for help and admit weakness (like I was) or may not have people who can offer support.

  10. Daile,
    After much denial, I’ve recently begun to battle my own inner demons. It’s a challenge to say the least.
    You’re a strong, beautiful woman capable of achieving any goal she sets her mind on. You’ll be fine, my friend, this I know.
    Thank you for looking out for those lost souls who haven’t found their way out of the darkness yet.
    Be well, my good friend.
    The Hook.

    1. Hook

      Thank you for your constant words of support and friendship. It really means a lot for me to feel like you are in my corner! And if you ever need a friend to listen or a virtual hug, you know where to find me. Thinking of you and I hope you get through everything x


  11. Oh man, this one caught my eye. I’m in that all too familiar pit right now. It makes me feel optimistic when I hear about people that *own* it. Stay strong, yo. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck on your journey.

    1. Thank you for reading – best of luck on YOUR journey. It’s not easy but it is so worth it. Trust me. I hope you have found some strength from this post. Without this blogging community I would not have the strength to share my stories. It’s a wonderful thing. Best of luck to you.

  12. Thanks for sharing this sad yet hopeful post. It is so important we talk about mental illness and remove the stigma. It is important people know help is out threre and they are not alone.

    1. And thanks for reading! I honestly didn’t expect the attention I have received an I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read and comment.

      Raising awareness and breaking down the boundaries about mental health and suicide is something so important to me and I’m glad to see there are so many people who feel the same :)

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